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if tanto ends soon, id feel like this whole arc is meaningless. ashirogi muto was against gag from the start; and will now stop for the same disagreements prior to this venture? it's a high price to pay for teaching their editor a lesson. (not that miura's even learned anything yet).
It's not a lesson to Miura, but to Ashirogi. They shouldn't have backed down to their editor's will like that, even if Miura's love for gag comedy is serious and sincere. If their gut feeling is that they don't like the concept, they shouldn't be forcing themselves. Takahama is a foreshadowing that they should be doing what they want and proving that it's good instead of looking for cracks in the market to exploit.

What I'm wondering is how much resistance Miura will put up. Knowing that Ashirogi is doing what he really really likes to see them do will probably give Miura a power trip. Then again, Ashirogi can easily bring down the house by asking Miura if keeping one single series at 12th place is what he wants while that other young editor (can't remember his name) brings up Shizuka.
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