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Any theories on these cut scenes to Shizuka and his name? A chapter focused on the wedding and Tanto but still finds panels to include the reclusive Shizuka. Shizuka's work is dark, Ashirogi's original works were dark, which Hattori eludes in the last page is where their potential exists. Maybe they're hinting to some collaboration between Shizuka and Mashiro?
Shizuka writes and draws his own stuff. Besides, we've already gone over the whole 'Takagi and Mashiro probable break-up and reunion' thing back with Trap. We don't need that fiasco again.

The scene suddenly cutting to Shizuka and the name, in my opinion, is just to maximize the content per chapter. Not the best place to have it, but in a way, it's kind of like a build-up. On one hand, Ashirogi is struggling to balance their interest, niche and the difficulties of reality. On the other, someone who's had no priority whatsoever on his lifestyle is slowly creeping out of his arrogant hikki-gamer shell to become a better mangaka, and maybe even a better person.
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