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Movie 8 was recently released on DVD in Japan, and sure enough, a not to be named fansub group has pounced on it. It was really kind of odd. The murder occurs and gets solved in less time than a TV episode would have taken, and the rest of the movie deals with the Kaitou Kid, who has little to nothing to do with the actual case. Go figure. Still, since I haven't seen any of the TV episodes he's in or movie #3 (subbed, anyway), it was my first chance to see the Kid in action. He's definitely a worthy opponent for the little brainiac. Cool stuff. Now if they would just put Heiji into one of the movies so I could see the rival detective in action...

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I have been watching this show on adult swim and i pretty much love it, it clicked like one piece did and i wanna watch it always, but one thing that i cant stand is dramatic irony, when does rachel(dunno what her name is in the original Jap release) find out who conan really is or has she if anyone can help i mean i would worship you for the rest of ur natural lives.
Spoiler for only read this if you really want to know:
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