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As for him playing Devil's advocate, he was the one talking about fitting the I.S. with weapons. Iori somewhat disagree but in the end Iori did it anyway, not half-assedly either (Iori is the designer of I.S. frame after all), similar to how Tabane putting effort into I.S. core 001.

When shit hits the fan, Joshua (as Yoshi) was robbed out of his freedom by his foster parents, thinking his friends are ultra dangerous (ironic truth but still...). The plane accident happens after the destruction of secret lab instead of before (the reason his family running away to America is to avoid people seeking for revenge, alas, they fail).

His guilt was so strong that his deconstructed messiah/savior/black sheep/guinea pig tendencies actually stemmed from that feeling, buried within his memories. Add to the fact that he lost his parents AGAIN just when he finally finished his officer school, getting into air force and pilot his first jet fighter... THEN his mentor when said mentor testing the first Jet fighter equipped with I.S. tech.
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