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I've already resign to the fact that we'll most likely never get to see Athena in Anime form, EVER. I mean clearly there's a message here when even characters like the idol Ruka and 'that other girl from the movie' who appears later than her in the series are in Anime form before her. Also, what's with their characterization of Nagi? They seem to keep looping her character development over and over again, never moving from the brat to mature and back to brat phrase.

Once again the tone of this season is different from the second one, which in turn was different from the first one. It's neither good nor bad for me, just different. Going for the 'mysterious' and 'theatrical' feel it seems.

And finally one amusing fan fact; there's something strangely appropriate in casting Iguchi Yuka as Kugimiya Rie's (supposedly) imouto
Too bad it's the wrong studio who did it.
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