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Originally Posted by airstorm View Post
Reckoner, you're a braver soul than me to watch 25+26 more than once. When I introduce people to Eva I put them straight to EoE after ep 24.
Hey, I actually like 26 . 25 is kinda meh, and I did not like 24 but I think they got it this time.

EoE is of course on a whole new level for me. While I merely liked Eva TV, I loved EoE. At first I was like "lol wut" but it has grown on me quite well because it truly completes the story for everyone's characters and most importantly made me feel for the characters.

I don't need Rebuild to be the same, but it'd be nice if it could generate something on par.

Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
Spoiler for Yes.:
Wait, who else could have shot first... Oh never mind. Ah yes, kid can't get laid, ends world. And then you remember why Gendo's doing this shit, and who/what Anno was addressing and it all kinda makes sense But fast foward 15 years later, and Shinji will probably be more fortunate this time.
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