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Originally Posted by RisArk View Post
Misato was never a "bad girl" (what do you mean, slut?)

Asuka is actually very anti-social, even more in the movie (kicking random people and never befriending Hikari. Then again, why were they BFF in the series? Idunno)
I apologize if I can't capture what he means there, but I'll attempt to explain.

Throughout the original series Misato constantly tried to be a mother to Shinji, but ultimately fails in the end.

This can be seen in a certain episode where he tries to console Shinji and she says that "this is all I can do to console you" or something like that while grabbing his hand. It is implied that Misato is giving her body to him. It is reaffirms that Misato was only ever really able to connect with people physically. In giving her body to Shinji, she'd be able to make that emotional connection to Shinji and help him feel better.

This is again seen in EoE, when she kisses Shinji and says something like "we'll do the rest later."

Basically Misato is more of a physical being, and she was able to validate herself physically with Kaji in particular through sex. Perhaps this is why she can be said to be a "bad girl."

Regarding Asuka... She was just being a tsundere in the movie. It was laughable really. There was no reasons given for why she was always alone really. We don't understand any of her personal struggles. That's why many people criticize this Asuka as a typical shallow/insecure/angsty adolescent girl.

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