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I'll give you that. But this Asuka still ACTS very differently. The old Asuka never would've entered a cooking feud with Rei... Never would've opened up to Misato like she did in the elevator. Never would have consciously slept on Shinji's bed.
Indeed, thats the whole point. Despite the difference in the characters the end result is still the end of the word.

Many fans of the original show always wondered if Shinji just had a backbone, if the pilots were more stable, if they were more emotionally "advance", would the show have ended differently.

The movies finally answer this question with a definitive NO. In fact, ironically, making the pilots more stable, more happy, more understanding of their own emotions actually sped up the (almost) end of the world.

Hence, no matter what Shinji does he can NOT advance.

Rebuild isn't trying to use the same characters with new graphics, its purposefully changing the characters to prove that it was not the massive flaws in our hero's personalities that caused the world to end (as some thought at the end of the original series). Even if you made Asuka a less bitchy, more kind girl, Rei more emotional, and Shinji have a backbone it actually SPEEDS UP the end of the world.
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