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Ok having finally gotten the time to watch 2.0 and digest it a bit (curse you calculus!) I must say the questions I have at the end of this one are significantly larger in number than the questions I had at the end of the first one.

On 1.0 the changes were subtle and few in-between. A couple of minor details were changed, some characters had slightly different nuances in behavior, the background has some very important changes that we were only barely made aware and as such the end result was indistinguishable from the tv series up to that point. The only major question inducing moment was what happened in the end with Kaworu on the moon.

Now 2.0 made me question a lot of my assumptions and raised even more questions regarding the events of the movie and the characters. Now I'm still in the camp that believes this is a sequel of sorts. Either in a far future after EoE or in a reboot triggered by a slightly different take on those events I keep being led to believe this is in fact a direct sequel to the events of the TV Show. However I almost wrote this theory of mine as wrong when we were told (via the field-trip) why the water is red in the movies. However when Kaoworu comes in Unit-06 in the end and says he'll make Shinji happy this time the theory came rushing back.

But talking about if this is a sequel or not is kind of moot at this point so I'll discuss the major issue I (and many others apparently) have with the movie and that is the new character of Asuka (coupled with Mary actually). What really bugs me about what they did to Asuka's character is that I actually understand why they cut her screen-time and character development. Like I said about minor details were and most of the characters had slightly different behaviors in rebuild when compared to the TV Series so it's only natural that the consequences of their actions change in correspondence.

Spoiler for Events of 2.0:

Overall I have to say that I didn't particularly enjoy the changes to Asuka's character but I understand why they were made. They needed to introduce Mary to the plot and also get enough time to flesh out the Shinji-Rei relationship since that last fact was the driving point behind the climax in the final scenes of the movie. It's one of those concessions they had to make because of the movie format that could have been better taken care of with the larger time-frame of a tv series for example but then we wouldn't have had the high-budget animation we've been having so far so it's a decent enough compromise if they can flesh out Asuka better in the next movie.

There are so many interesting bits and pieces that I could go on to write a full dissertation about but that's exactly one of the things that always made eva such an interesting series for me. The questions, the lack of clear-cut answers and explanations... that's all part of the charm that keeps Eva as one of the most interesting creations I've seen my entire life in the anime medium and as such I truly enjoyed this second movie and I'll be waiting for the third with high hopes.
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