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Clarified Spoiler Policy for Your Review

In light of the situation in this sub-forum regarding spoilers, the staff have put together the clarification below to help make it even clearer what sorts of novel information is okay and not okay in anime threads, and where such information can be posted. The intention is that we will begin strict enforcement of the Spoiler Policy, as clarified in this post, as soon as we re-open the Episode 2 thread.

We want to provide this opportunity for everyone to read the clarified policy and provide any feedback about areas they consider unclear or confusing. To be clear, this is not a new policy, and we are not considering changing the rules at this time. But we want to make sure that the rules are explained as clearly as possible so that no one has an excuse when we begin issuing bans. So if there are any questions you have about our rules that are still not explained well in this post, please let us know.

There are a number of people familiar with the source material for this show, and so we would like to explain our expectations regarding spoilers.


1. Do NOT post ANYTHING from or based-on the source material about future content in anime threads

This means:
  • no hints or "teasing" of any kind about what will happen later
  • no guidance about how to interpret current anime events to hint at what is coming later
  • no answers to any questions (plot-related or otherwise) that will be answered later
  • no source-related details that anticipate what you hope or know is coming later
  • no discussing or alluding to future arcs or characters
Anime-only viewers should refrain from posting questions or comments in anime threads that request for this type of forbidden information.

Generally, such discussion is permitted in only two threads:
1) the Source Material Discussion thread (Manga, Light Novel, or Game as appropriate) or 2) the Spoilers & Speculation thread.

Limited spoilers are permitted in Character Discussion threads provided that they are clearly-marked and properly-labelled (see more information about that below).

Limited spoilers are also permitted in the Q&A thread in direct response to a question, again provided that the spoiler is clearly-marked and properly-labelled.

Images that contain characters and situations not-yet-animated are permitted in the Image Thread behind properly-labelled spoiler tags, so long as the image itself does not spoil the story, and any potential spoiler is not discussed in the Image Thread (more on that below as well).

2. ALL Comparisons of current animated content to the source material, or questions answered about current anime content based on source material information, MUST be in properly-labelled spoiler tags

Properly-labelled spoiler tags means you must identify the NATURE of the spoiler:
  • the purpose of the spoiler (i.e. comparison to the current episode)
  • where the spoiler comes from (i.e. the novel/manga/game/another story/etc.)
To use the spoiler tag, use the spoiler button, or type as in the following example:

[spoiler=comparison of episode 2 to the novels]my comparison here[/spoiler]
This will show up like this:
Spoiler for comparison of episode 2 to the novels:

DO NOT place a spoiler tag without a label, and DO NOT use a poor label like "spoiler" or give away the spoiler in the tag label! The purpose of the spoiler tag is to help people make a decision about whether or not they wish to open the tag.

When replying to a post that uses spoiler tags, please ensure the spoiler tags are preserved in your quote, and that your reply also uses properly-labelled spoiler tags.

From this point forward, failure to either use a spoiler tag for comparisons, or to give it a proper label as defined above will result in the automatic ban.

Please note that other acceptable and required uses for spoiler tags are outlined in the Spoiler Policy. This includes also information from official sites/blogs, and comparisons to other stories.

3. Do NOT otherwise discuss the source material inappropriately

For example:
  • Do not have spoiler discussions in image threads
  • Do not have spoiler discussions in the Q&A thread (only answers to direct questions)
  • Do not post "speculation" that pretends you haven't been spoiled if you have been
  • Do not post in the anime-only "Speculation & Theories" thread if you're familiar with the source, unless you restrict yourself to clearly-established anime knowledge only (no hints, no "help", no spoilers of any kind). This thread is intended for anime-only viewers.
  • Do not post unsolicited information from the novels to "correct" an anime-only viewer's observations or speculation
  • Do not reply AT ALL to other people's inappropriate spoilers, instead just report it (see below)

4. Do NOT use the spoiler tag for images or other things that aren't spoiler-related

We have some new tags that can be useful to you:
  • [images] For Images
  • [nsfw] For NSFW Images (Keep it PG-13)
  • [tldr] For "optional" parts of your post that others may wish to skip
If you use the right tag for the right situation, it'll help prevent people from getting inadvertently spoiled.

5. DO REPORT any inappropriate spoilers you find

Please use the Report Button to notify the site staff about any violations you find to the above rules in this or any other anime thread on the Forums (in any section). If you're not 100% sure, please feel free to report it anyway. All reports will be reviewed by the staff prior to any action being taken. Please do not reply to the spoiler in the thread or point out a spoiler in public, as this will only draw more attention to the spoiler.

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