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Thanks to everyone for your feedback. I posted some minor updates to the wording based on the feedback here and also among the staff which should help make things a bit clearer. I will try to address some of the accumulated questions (though other staff may also contribute their own answers):

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
The next question, therefore, is what does "limited" mean, as without a yardstick, this is a rather subjective term. Personally I'd suggest a spoiler in the Q&A thread that directly addresses a question would best define the term "limited", but sometimes an in-depth answer may be required, to which a "limited" spoiler may not suffice.
I think this will be a bit of a judgement call, and that's why we went with the admittedly open-ended "limited" in those cases. I would say "no more than is necessary". So in your Q&A thread example, you could post the extent of spoiler that is necessary to answer the question, but don't go spoiling all sorts of unrelated things. Also if it is a major game-changing spoiler, probably don't want to give that away either.

I would say that I am concerned that the character discussion threads are basically nothing but novel threads right now that talk about a character. This is an anime discussion forum, not a novel discussion forum, and the focus of the character discussion threads should primarily be the character in the anime. So "limited spoiler" also means "don't go overboard". Pure novel conversations are better left for the novel thread in most cases.

We realize that not every single case will be cut and dry, and the mods will usually try to give the benefit of the doubt so long as the person is sincerely trying to be conscientious and aware of the policy.

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Ok, so if I get this correctly, the correct syntax would be...

"Oh my god, I can't believe they left out...." followed by whatever they left out in a correctly labeled spoiler tag. <<== If this is the case then no rules are being broken? As in, if it's not a future spoiler, but it hasn't appeared in the episode itself, it should go in a spoiler tag?
Generally speaking that seems right, but I would say even the "teaser" ("Oh my god, I can't believe...") shouldn't be out in the clear. Just put the whole thing behind properly-labelled spoiler tags in that case, since it's really part of the comparison.

Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post
I'm not too fond of the rule that someone familiar with the light novel can't post in spoiler/speculation for anime-viewers only, but it's alright.
Yes, multiple people brought up this point too, and this was updated in the new revision to be a bit more defined/specific. Basically, it's "you'd better make sure that you're not giving absolutely any novel info away". I know from firsthand experience (though not for this show) how hard it can by to try to physically divorce yourself from the source material knowledge you have (sometimes you may not even remember that the insight you have wasn't covered in the anime! Or at least I sometimes have that problem...), so I think it would be *advisable* to avoid those threads in most cases. If a novel reader does want to participate, I recommend that, just to be upfront, they disclose that they did read the novels, but that their comment is only going to discuss things in the anime with no hints. Absolutely no novel spoilers are allowed in that thread. If we catch someone "posing" as an anime-only speculator who, it later turns out, has really been spoiled all along, I'll say that will be punished most severely.

Well, I think I'm going to post the policy shortly, but I'll leave this thread in the sub-forum to answer any further questions that may come up. I really do appreciate everyone's patience as we try to work this through and make this as enjoyable a discussion environment for as many different people as possible. I realize that means that novel readers will need to show more discipline, but I consider that the burden of knowing the source in a world where not everyone does or even wants to. Thanks to all for your cooperation both in the way you post, an with reports. And for people who choose to not read any of the many warnings and end up getting banned while claiming "ignorance"... well, sorry, but we tried.
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