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Honestly, I've always felt like the relationship development was a bit too one-sided. We get lots of stuff about how meeting Kirito changed Asuna and made her appreciate life and all that, but from Kirito's perspective I don't think we ever got anything more than "she's a pretty girl, so why not?" I mean, I guess you could say he respects her battle skills too, but it's never indicated that she was important to him before they got together. And afterwards it's more like protectiveness of what he already has.
Well, she was actually the first girl he spent any time talking to and he had little experience talking to girls before that. He even had issues talking to his "sister". And we do have Kirito drooling over how pretty Asuna are quite alot :P It's just that Kirito is a bit dense and doesn't realise that Asuna likes him, which should be obvious really. He just enjoys spending time with this pretty girl that for some for him unknown reason tends to spend time with him. Thus it is first when he actually realises that he has the option to spend even more time with her and in the future as well that he actually expresses his feelings of wanting to do so.
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