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Official website updated after the (really fun) live announcement session with the cast. First video is a now voiced version of the first PV and the second is new footage and voices.

You can tell from the nicolive that the cast really, really enjoy working on this. Some are even fans of the novels, especially Daisuke Hirakawa. His video message kept going on and on that they had to cut it short three times because he kept going into long bouts of fanboying. I'm a lot more excited over this after hearing FukuJun and the rest explain just how good the series and their love for it is.

More cast announcements from the program:

Female Magician: Misato Fukuen
Butler: Banjou Ginga
Winter Prince: Daisuke Hirakawa
Shrewd Accountant: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Young Soldier: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Young Aristocrat: Yuki Kaji
Younger Merchant: Takuma Terashima (Okay, it sounds like the same role as Kamiya's Young Merchant but they're just similarly phrased)
Middle-aged Merchant: Cho
Flame Dragon Empress: Itou Shizuka
Strong-armed King: Masanori Machida
Frost Queen: Mariko Fujii
Midnight Sun King: Hiroki Touchi
Demon Girl: Eriko Matsui

I'm not that familiar with the series or the scanlations so sorry if some of the names don't match what everyone's used to.

Oh, and a little change to the female magician was made for the anime to suit her character but I dunno if this is common knowledge so I'll spoiler tag it.
Spoiler for Female magician:
Panel taken from here (NSFW-ish). Translation/type by some /a/non.

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