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I think the big problem with this adaptation is that the adaptation has been very unintelligent, and hackneyed. Translating Little Busters to an anime format requires far more than copy-pasting, rearranging and axing of specific scenes. There needs to be a certain originality for the adaptation to do well. [...] This WAS what people was actually fearing, I think. Not Kyo-ani tier visuals (personally, I'm indifferent to the visuals), but whether JC Staff could creatively adapt a story that by all accounts is very tricky to adapt to the anime medium, and requires a good bit of competent originality. It's that "creative adaptation" aspect that Kyo-ani does well that people actually wanted. But LB so far feels uninspired and clunky.

By all accounts, it's seems they have failed to polish up on the plot, expand or modify it well for the slower moving Anime Medium. In other wards, they failed to adapt LB intelligently.
As I pointed out yesterday, I don't think the adaptation of the story is being handled by J.C.Staff. The writer was hired by the production committee (the connection was through the Producer at Warner, who previously worked with her on Nanatsuiro Drops), has written the script for every episode so far, and doesn't work for J.C.Staff. She is also a veteran writer, has worked on many, many long-running anime, and by all evidence paid close attention to the game when writing the script and had input from Key. (See the interview in this quarter's Dengeki Visual Art's magazine.) So... is it for a lack of trying?

I think people are operating on faith when they say that any other writer or production team would necessarily have fixed whatever they think the flaws are with Little Busters' story at this point. Perhaps that faith is fair based on past experience, but I don't think the sort of "creativity" being called for is so trivial. I also don't think that even KyoAni was isolated from criticism for their adaptation choices in past Key shows (I remember some of it quite vividly, in fact).

I've said it before, but I think that the Little Busters anime is competing with the show people imagine it could have been, and not necessarily with what it was ever likely to be. Thus it's a competition that the show can't help but lose no matter what.
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