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Heres a speculation:

When she was with Kaname, she stated she rather be with him than Zero. She held feelings of love for zero, but still didn't chase him at all when she was with Kaname, but now shes with Zero and is still chasing after Kaname, even after he went out with his original plan to kill all the purebloods and become the parent. Even after learning Kaname's past, Yuuki said to Kaname that she still wanted to be with him and start over, she would finally be able to move on from Zero she stated in a manga chapter. But Kaname, sadden by the thought that she couldn't let go of him and vice-versa. So Kaname went off to his original plan. I don't know why he was sad, but it defiantly has to do something with the Hooded Women.

The series is either going to end KanamexYuuki or she will die for both their sakes.
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