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After all the crap they've pulled up to this point, I more or less demand that they give us unique Gundams. 90% of all the "new" characters introduced look like carbon copies of the old cast already. If the suits are copies of the old ones, too, people will be pissed. Rightfully so. (though I guess it would be kinda hilarious)

I don't mind if the new suits pay homage to the old ones. But if Snow White turns out to be Wing Zero with different weapons and a slightly different paint job... well, let's just say I'm not reading the novel for its amazing story.

Talking about the story, I just read through the (horribly google translated) 20th chapter. From what I could make out, there's some dude called Bill Maxwell (or something along those lines; the Chinese pronunciation sounds like "beer Maxwell") who is a distant relative of Eric Shergold? I believe it says something about him being on L2 doing volunteer charity work, so there's reason to believe that man is Father Maxwell.

Also, Sabrina gave birth to her daughter when she was 17. Meaning she was at most about 16 when she married Eric.
...No wonder that second pic looks to me like the cover to some weird TreizexRelena lolicon doujin. It's called 'jail bait' for a reason, Sumizawa. >_>
All the Gundams are guaranteed to look the same, look at Prometheus. It's just the EW versions with added gimmicks...
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