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Originally Posted by gordol View Post
All the Gundams are guaranteed to look the same, look at Prometheus. It's just the EW versions with added gimmicks...
Well said Gordol!

Originally Posted by IkuzeMinna View Post
Talking about the story, I just read through the (horribly google translated) 20th chapter. From what I could make out, there's some dude called Bill Maxwell (or something along those lines; the Chinese pronunciation sounds like "beer Maxwell") who is a distant relative of Eric Shergold? I believe it says something about him being on L2 doing volunteer charity work, so there's reason to believe that man is Father Maxwell.
This new Maxwell can't be Father Maxwell, Sumizawa already said that he was named James Maxwell... and we had a ball about how the real James Maxwell (a scientist nonetheless!) was happily married to a Catherine.

Now, if they're trying to say that Duo's real biological father was a dude named Bill Maxwell then... then... WOW! What a freackin' coincidence! I'd throw my arms up in the air and just accept the fact that Dekim Barton or some other Barton is Trowa's biological parent! Same goes for Heero, he probably really is a Yuy!
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