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Ah wait, no. You're talking about James Clerk Maxwell. At first we thought it was Father Maxwell, but it turned out to be the name Duo had to sign the divorce papers with, because that was the name Hilde chose for him in the marriage certificate ...for whatever reason.

Spoiler for excerpt:

Well, of course! You see, Bill had an affair with some woman when he was younger, leaving her pregnant. Once he found out, he left her. But then he started to feel bad, so he became a priest to make up for it. Some years later, his own son ended up in his church and took Bill's last name as his own after he died. And that's why Duo bears that coat of arms! Because he's related to Shergold! It all makes sense!
Sumizawa, you sly dog! You had this planned out 20 years beforehand!

And c'mon, Heero being a Yuy is a given. Probably even Heero Yuy, after his grandpa. This novel is not gonna end until it's revealed that Heero and Relena are cousins. I'm betting bottom dollar here!
I see... thanks for the correction and lil side story there.

I don't understand why Sumizawa would make Hilde so violent. She didn't come off as such in the anime. Sure, she put a gun to Duo's head, but she doesn't seem the kind of character that would have pulled the trigger. There was nothing violent about her. Now she's just that psycho girlfriend you don't want to be around... So, seeing all this abuse and violent nature, I guess Duo isn't such a douche bag for all that crap he did to her, he just didn't want the spousal abuse! Poor Duo, she really is a bully! I mean, she even gave him a name without consulting him about it!

And your welcomed SkullFaerie, I live to throw wrenches into working, complex machines ^_^

Originally Posted by wingzerosnuggles View Post
Ok so I recently got PayPal and I'm considering buying the novels then scanning them to share the raws with everyone. However, if Zeonic Scanlations still intends to translate the novels, I wouldn't be opposed to just donating the money there. Is Zeonic Scanlations still planning to translate the novels?
I'm sure Deacon is still doing this, at least for the comic side... but what I would really like is an actually chapter translation of FT. I have an urge to read the exact thing but can't read the language ;_;
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