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Also, despite the 1850-1900 touch of GW, it's set in a modern, advanced society with modern gender roles and attitudes, thus the whole thing seems strange, sorry.
GW is essentially an alternative history since it begins around 1956 which is the year Romafeller was established according to Battlefield of Pacifists. This may mean altering quite a few events like the Cold War and the Cuban Missile Crisis along with other happenings that may have contributed to the feminist movement. While marriages in the 50's and 60's certainly weren't arranged, they weren't very "happy" either. As technology rapidly developed and wealth grew in After Colony, it wouldn't be too far-fetched for families to want to safeguard their money which would mean pushing their kids in the "right direction" when it comes to love. Face it, when you have money and power, following your heart is usually the one luxury you can't afford and that seems to be the point being made with Sabrina.
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