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then what was about the people stating that Rinslet met a spirit... hmm im dumbfounded
Rin met a little girl in the underground maze. She was not wearing any team's uniforms. She claim to be a spirit (u know, only the highest ranking ones are humanoid). And ask for food (since Rin has a portable kitchen with her thanks to Fenir and was cooking). And she said she have no memory.

She eventually agreed (after nomming), and took Rin to the surface.

The mystery girl was struck by lightning as she tried to touch the exit, but Rinselt was not. Before the mystery girl vanished, she said her name was Ishiva seaweed. AKA the Queen of Water and one of the 5 elemental lords.

You know, the one Rinselt was suppose to beg on behalf of her frozen sister.
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