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Well damn, I didn't see that coming. I wasn't really expecting Chieri to get through to her father, but didn't expect him to be assassinated either. I would suspect he was taken out by hardliners (if there is any other kind) within the DGTO. Feeling that his experimenting was going too far and was too dangerous. That and for the sake of his goals he was letting a lot of secrets come lose (like the gambling) and was abusing his authority. That or someone just wanted his job and wanted to pin the blame on AKB0048.

Either way, terrible moment for Chieri. Really pouring her heart out to her father in that song and hoping to find a way to reach him. But at the peak of it all he just gets killed and that chance of true reconciliation is gone (unless he did fake his death).

Of course now I really have no idea where this is all going to go. Have the most clear villain of the series killed and have to quickly move onto recapturing Akibastar. And heck maybe while they are at it they can finally resolve this Takamina conflict .
At this point, Kanata's chances of succession has all but gone down the drain. With Hikaru gone, Takamina has to take over as the leader of the Senbatsu and she has to keep leading on. Kanata can wait, after all. The oldest of Kenkyuusei always graduate first unless they are really talented like Chieri.
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