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Originally Posted by maximilianjenus View Post
the sales have been bad so I guess in the ending DES will kill all the akb0048 members during a concert so that way they won't be able to make a sequel and bleed more money when they forget about the low sales of this anime.
Sales? When? Where? Must be that you're probably looking at stalker figures, which predict which will sell but doesn't mean actual sales figures until around the end of the season.

Also, the show isn't yet on the list this far:

Originally Posted by orion View Post
The anime is just a means to promote the AKB48. So if AKB48 or NoName saw an increase in sales then they won't worry about the anime.
This show may be trying to promote the real group, as cynics would like to point out, but TBH by story it's far different (does Puffy Amiyumi ring a bell? The NKOTB cartoon?). Be glad Okada didn't wrote it as purely a slice-of-life story.

Anyway, I want to see Chieri do it the Basara way:

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