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Muhahaha, as of now, we have surpassed the Post Your Desktop Thread. On to surpassing the Post A Picture of Yourself Thread Congrats, TheWanderer, on 4000 GET

Originally Posted by Radiosity
You obviously missed some of my posts then. I've stated on a number of occasions how much I detest Gin's laugh. Other than that though there's nothing that stands out as being bad as such.
Personally, in S1 I detested everything about Gin, her laugh, her eyes, and generally her viciousness. However, the end of S1 did much to elevate most of that, becuase I understood what drove her. I ended up pitying her. However, in S2, where she started fighting (from Sou, until she died) I didn't like her again because alot of that viciousness showed thru again. I know Mince likes that viciousness tho.

Originally Posted by Mincemaker
Alright, I just got curious. If you guys watched DearS, you know what I'm talking about. Let's say we replace the homeroom/English teacher of DearS with a doll Suigintou, what would you think the class will be like?
The Asahi Shimbun headlines: Student Suicide Rate doubles

Haha, I LOL'ed at that picture of Bara the goalkeeper. Hmm. Bara encased the referee in crystal and took his Rosa Mystica
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