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Originally Posted by @GEMC View Post
how many episodes will be made?
I think 13 episode wont be enough until kaneki turn into bad ass mode
maybe someone who has good memory here can predict. i already forgot the detail of what happened in the manga
anime episode
1-intro until kaneki meet nishio, this is actually quite fast, i thought the episode would just end when kaneki open his eyes
2-nishio get rekt by kaneki already, i dont remember but is nishio get rekt immidiately in manga too?

after this iirc the mother-children ghoul with amon and mado (2 episode maybe)
and then gourmet arc (this can be easily compressed into 2 episode)
and then finally aogiri (4 episode)
and some filler inbetween arc to kaneki develpment.
13 episode is enough i think
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