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Detective Conan news! Grr! I thought FUNimation was past this!
C'mon, you really thought that? Only one company outdoes FUNI, Manga. They go out and license great titles like End of Eva or Gunbuster and the entire fandom moans because we know it will be a disaster. FUNI's slightly different with me. I know from experience that they're not gonna pick up shows I will like in the first place. So I know not to bother with anything they license. Is Detective Conan a good show? Maybe it is. I'll get my chance to figure that out when CN airs it. I know right now, without seeing a single second of it though that I will never buy it on DVD. I feel sorry for those who see their favorite titles picked up by FUNI, I guess I've been lucky thus far that they haven't gotten anything I really like yet

Good luck, fans of DC! But don't expect much of FUNI outside of paying tons of $$ for 3 ep per disc DVDs.
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