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I was a bit disappointed with the news of Detective Conan release. I thought they did a great job with Blue Gender, Fruits Basket, Tenchi GXP, and Fruits Basket. Just to put it in simple words Detective Conan was licenced and is being released by Funi as a cash cow. With DBZ being almost finished being released on DVD Funi needs another long series to generate loads of money and that's exactly what their doing. With 3 episodes a disc retailing for $20 the disc it's going to sell well for Funimation with their distribution outlets such as K-Mart and Target.

I sure won't be collecting Detective Conan. You're talking about 100 DVD's that will eat away space and income in the next 5 years. By that time a new media will be introduced just not worth collecting a series such as this IMO. I'll definitly have to check it out on CN when it airs.
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