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Originally Posted by Kylon99 View Post
And I noticed besides the victims of the first twilight which includes Battler, Kanon is listed as having died in the 2nd twilight. Both Shannon and Jessica are listed as still alive at the pause of the game... so, if the 2nd twilight is supposed to have been the tearing apart of the two who were close, who is Kanon supposed to be close with?

I wouldn't say Erika as I don't want to killed by the hordes of fangirls she's not listed as either dead or alive... and it can't be Battler as that's exactly what some people would want he's already listed as dead.

Ok, it was a rather irregular game and it was interrupted... but I wonder if there was even a plan for a second victim?
If Kanon is a personality of a person then he was torn apart from the person. I would say my personality and I were close.
You are right, Judoh. But the answer is quite obvious, if one person dies and there was a person close to him/her then they would be 'torn apart'.

Anyways, if Nanjo is an impostor it does not mean he has to be Beatrice. I happen to think he was killed rather recently because that means Nanjo's body could be used without it being fake and the impostor could run around killing still.
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