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This is partially the problem with impostor culprit theories. Maria has a friend on the island, a human, who pretends to be Beatrice. Maybe it is not pretending but the person actually thinks the he/she is Beatrice. But there is a person on that island who assumes that identity, at least one. We combine that with Maria usually being one of the later deaths and it points to 'Beatrice' being a killer.
Now, what if the roulette corresponded with whose deaths were faked and someone else is killing the people whose deaths were faked afterward? People are supposed to be revived when the gold is found. So, I am thinking that the culprit is an asshole and 'Beatrice' is innocent. The idea of Beatrice is taking on the identity of that one gang in Higurashi IMO, so meta-Beatrice plays the part.
King, Queen, and Knight... a mastermind, a co-conspirator, and a killer/guardian? That's what I think the terms mean, I am less sure about the Queen part. Pawn seems hard to misinterpret. King might also mean head of the family.

I am confused by what Battler thinks of 'the truth' he knows what is happening but he honors his promise to Beatrice rather than showing the killer for who he/she really is. There is no doubt that there is a killer and the person has murdered a big chunk of Battler's family. Episode 6 looks like a big cover up for the culprit. To me, it just seems like Battler is covering for the culprit, why would he do that?

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