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Originally Posted by Smeckledorf View Post
King, Queen, and Knight... a mastermind, a co-conspirator, and a killer/guardian? That's what I think the terms mean, I am less sure about the Queen part. Pawn seems hard to misinterpret. King might also mean head of the family.
I know Battler and Maria have been described as the king sometimes as well. Battler as the king of the white side, but king of the black side in EP6. It seems when they're both kings they have little power on their own but instead the whole game revolves around them.

Although in real chess the King can kill if you get too close. I just had an image of Maria biting whoever comes close to her... (like pervert-Battler.)

Originally Posted by Smeckledorf View Post
I am confused by what Battler thinks of 'the truth' he knows what is happening but he honors his promise to Beatrice rather than showing the killer for who he/she really is. There is no doubt that there is a killer and the person has murdered a big chunk of Battler's family. Episode 6 looks like a big cover up for the culprit. To me, it just seems like Battler is covering for the culprit, why would he do that?
Well, Moetrice was willing to reveal that Kanon was the one who rescued Battler while Battler asked her if that was really an okay thing to do. It seems like he knew this answer all along (shades of the Genius Battler theory) but didn't want to use it. "The human side would be screaming that it's unfair" or something like that, he said.

So I thought that Kanon had something to do with Beatrice, and this was one of the biggest secrets and can lead to 'The Truth.' And now that I think about it maybe we're mired in the Mystery-style 'How' of how Kanon can do the things he can do, but if we think more about what it means and we stumble upon the Truth, we can use that to unlock the Mystery.

It could be that the Truth that Battler reached in EP5 had something to do with Kanon directly, but... maybe the better percentage is that it was something else and the funny going-ons with Shannon, Kanon and Battler, etc were all obvious consequences once you know it...
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