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I've had a strange gut feeling that he's the target of a good part of the murders for quite some time now. That would also explain a lot of the paralells he seems to share with Bernkastel. (most notably the comparisons to a cat)
Well, there are some very clear inconsistencies in things said about Kanon that Battler seems to never pick up on.

The engagement ring scene in Ep1 says that "Under the guidance of the honorary director, Kinzo, the orphanage offered excellent graduates a chance to live a life of service. If they were accepted, they would be able to leave the orphanage and work as servants for the Ushiromiya family." But there is no way that any orphanage graduates people at 6, which is when Shannon had to have started working to be working for ten years, which is referenced multiple times. In fact, no orphanage would graduate children until they're of majority age. It's a bit more fluid in Japan than in other places, due to how various legal ages are spread out, but at least 18 would expected.

At the same time, Jessica says in the same Ep1: "Everyone Grandfather selected [from Fukuin] was young, about the same age as Shannon and Kanon." But for Kanon to be selected when he's the "same age" as Shannon, he has to have been selected at 6.

The following emerge as possibilities:
  1. Shannon and Kanon were both selected at 16, still before their graduation. Impossible, because there's too many sources mentioning Shannon has been around for ten years.
  2. Shannon and Kanon were both selected well before their graduation at 6. That leaves the question of where has he been for eight years.
  3. Neither Shannon nor Kanon actually were "selected", and they have no relation to Fukuin House except possibly on paper, being much more closely related to the family than anyone is willing to say.

Possibilities 2 and 3 make Kanon in particular more mysterious than Shannon because of the 8-year gap, and more likely to be connected to the murders, at least, if we leave aside the possibility of Shkanon.
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