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First, in reference to Kanon supposed graduation age, is there a possibility that Jessica is being really vague when she says about the same age as Kanon and Shanon?
This is covered by possibility 3 - everyone else (Runon, Manon, Reion) were selected at 16 as part of their graduation (which mysteriously ends as they graduate middle school but is not THAT much of a stretch) while Shannon and Kanon were acquired by a method not related to any other Fukuin graduates, whether they are from Fukuin originally or not. This way Jessica's statement starts making some sense, but raises a question of what the heck Shannon and Kanon really are.

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Second thought, that 3 hour gap with the waiting is relatively easy to explain if you think that the family is working under the impression that Kinzo is still alive? I mean, Krauss has to keep up appearances and so would at least pretend to wait for the "head" of the family before starting dinner. Considering Kinzo's influence and for appearances sake, at least some of that time could be eaten up by waiting for the phantom head. I don't know how long that would really be but if they wait an hour and eat a really slow dinner with lots of talking over 2 hours, we can sort of explain the time discrepancy?

edit: holy crap I just realized that the difference between getting called and them starting to loiter is about 4 hours. That's epic length and I'm not so sure anymore that the idea still has weight.
Actually, that sort of works, but only sort of.
With the way Kinzo is ascribed such a high status in the family, it is really impolite to start a family dinner without him when he is expected to take part in it. The only thing that falls through is that none of the cousins seem complain that the old man none of them particularly liked anyway caused them to stay hungry for what, an extra hour? Two hours?

Also, the appearance is best maintained by the following sequence:
  • Krauss bangs on the door for ten minutes or so as everyone waits downstairs.
  • Genji enters 'to take orders' and returns saying that the Master will eat in his study, end of discussion.
  • Once the food is carried up to the study, no question remains that he isn't coming down so there's no point waiting and everyone can start eating, tension discharged.
This can be cleaned up in under an hour, which still leaves an hour unexplained.
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