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Damn i love Fallout 3 and the DLC's, usually i havent went through a second playthrough in a game (except ACE Combat 3) in ages (years), the DLC's are awesome don't know why people complained. Pitt was awesome, visually and quest/story wise (though when it first got launched if i remember right it suffered from many bugs, but now except for one bug in the quest which i managed to elude it played perfectly). Pointlook Out was a nice addition as well, though the map visually wasn't something appealing (kind of monotone actually), the atmosphere did fit and the quests where definitely worth it and interesting. And the last one i played was Mothership Zeta heard a few complaining about this one as well, imho it was a nice touch even comic at times, somewhere though in the second half of the DLC it does become a bit monotone, though near the ending it makes up for it. There is one problem with it though it although you do get lots of new items (some which can sell for quite some nice sums of money you feel a bit left out with the reward (felt a bit the same with Point lookout), thankfully there's this mod called Mothership Zeta Crew, if you have the DLC this mod is a must even if your a lore nazi its superb and i haven't even played all of it. Another must mod is FNNCQ slavery it really improves on the slave system. Both mods (they are DLC level you could say actually, both very well made) have great quests and are optimized so you shouldn't normally suffer any stability problems due to them.

A bit of a preview on how my game is:


Spoiler for Chocolat:

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