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Nice opening post.

A unique studio. Very hat or miss, even for fans. That being said, I do have some form of respect for them respecting creator wishes (Dance in the Vampire Bund, Negima!?). But obviously
Can't make schedules, animation is wonky if it's even there
yeah Always shewing more than they can handle, and never stopping even when they screw up. Constantly.

And obviously, when speaking about SHAFT, we need to talk about Shinbo Ayuki. He might not have directed every show the studio had produced, but he's easily the most known director from the studio. I'll give it to him, he's trying to be creative. And at times he can be cleaver, and can produce some excellent results. His problem however is that he ends up falling into being gimmicky, pretentious, or at worst cheap by covering the failings of the animation by being ''artsy''.

Still, he's among the few directors that are trying to actually be experimental, and only him himself can really use this style.
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Negima!? which was a big disappointment. Mostly because I was a fan of the original work and felt "cheated" on how different the show turned out to be. . This first impression made me wary everytime they announced a new project since their artistic flavor doesn't always blend well with the source work.
Didn't KenA ask them not to use the manga material though?
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Great studio. One of the few in the industry with a distinct house style.
Well, what they make is quite easy to tell apart from other things. Though I can't say that is always a good thing lol
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