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Originally Posted by Anh_Minh
He's lacking in self-confidence.
And Kanba's got it...

A ladies' man who's actually absolutely in love (?) with someone special is an utterly dangerous creature. He'll seduce you for everything he needs then throws you aside without sparing a thought. But I guess that only adds enticing thorns to the roses around his frame. *_*

Originally Posted by Flower
Perhaps there is a reason why this ineffable mystery has been commissioned to the silence of the grave?
Well let the speculation begin! I suck at speculating so I'll leave it to you guys. Is it a drum made of penguin hide? Is it that dangerous diary? Is it a girl's heart in (stalkery) love? Are we gonna see these two boys doing missions collecting hearts/spirit/crystal/penguin hide/[censored] like some mahou shoujo?
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