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Originally Posted by Tenchi Hou Take View Post
Retarded fan backlash is retarded. It's like they don't even read the freaking manga. This entire thing was so heavily hinted at near the begining of the manga that you'd be blind to miss it.

She told Jin's childhood friend she had someone she liked that wasn't Jin. Meaning if that were true which at the time it was implied to be true it would have to be someone she met well before she met Jin. Considering the doubt over her memory it was very likely she had a relationship with that person.

Throughout reading this manga the posssibility should at least have been apparant. Anyway Nagi's dark side mode was logical progression of the story and very likely could have been planned from the begining, considering it's a good way to explain precisely what these demons are and it's been leading up to this for a while.
Repeated for Great Truth -- a person would have to have been "dumber than mud" to have not seen these things. However, we're talking about a small group of dimwits who are seriously disconnected from reality, they are unable to appreciate how others think or feel, and have the emotional temperament of a two year old. There... that's my rant for the day.

Fight on to tell the story you want to tell, manga-ka.
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