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Originally Posted by mike211 View Post
Was there a reason why Akatsuki can't learn magic? cause his family is very powerful, since they are the tops dog of theirs own group.
Never specified, maybe he just got lucky because he's the top dog in another way if you think about it.

Originally Posted by blackwhite67 View Post
Are there any worlds besides Arezard out there?
Yes, I think the official count is 13 or something like that.

When Akatsuki returned to Arezard, did he take Sleipnir with him cause it didn't show him taking it in the anime?
No he didn't.

Does the bike display any new abilities?
Since Sleipnir is made out of the same stuff as AD, it actually has the ability to morph in a limited way to suit the situation. So far it is able to grow a side car so it can carry more people.

Is the relationship between Cecil and Gouki purely professional?
Hard to tell, too little interaction between them so far.

BTW, Cecil has a twin?
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