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What kind of personality have cecil?
Absolute confidence in everything about herself (skills, looks, mental capacity, intuition, superiority over nearly all men with maybe the exception of Gouki) but no outward display of arrogance. Does what she pleases and sometimes would even prioritise personal goals/pleasure over minor goals of the organisation and will acknowledge her followers doing the same (when Tiana got attached to Onizuka and failed to fulfil her mission to chase after some clues on the Phoenix Cell Cecil didn't disapprove, rather she seems quite understanding that Tiana would only abandon her mission if Tiana found something important for herself, even though Cecil never asked Tiana what it was she just accepted it), but on the other hand when push comes to shove won't be clouded by emotions either. Seems to care for her followers in general and has a firm understanding of their abilities as well as personality and thus has gained loyalty from her followers in return as well.
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