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Originally Posted by guest
I am confused about the order of DVD. I would like to know if dvd has been released to the last ep.
As Detective Conan is still airing in Japan (somewhere around episode 430), the last episode is far from coming out.

Actually, the dvd starts with season 4? Then season 5 and that is it. Nothing after or before. What happened?
Here's what's up with the DVDs:

Marketing people have this theory that if the same episodes are out on DVD (new) and on TV (new) at the same time, one or the other will suffer. So, since Conan is mostly episodic, series 1-2 (eps 1-52 or so) aired on TV and series 4 came out on DVD as a "see the episodes that aren't on TV yet!" kind of thing, with the first DVD of series one also coming out as an introduction. The problem, though, is that Conan bombed on TV - or at least failed to get the massive ratings that Cartoon Network wanted, so it got shunted off to the time slot ghetto and no additional episodes were ordered for broadcast.

Of course, the episode order is weird thanks to the Japanese reshuffling episodes in order to not cliffhang two parters on a single tape/LD, so the US/German/etc. airing order is different from the US one.

What this means is that all of these series 4-5 "get them on DVD first" episodes were already in the can, so they came out first. Funimation is now going back and releasing series 1 on DVD, and series 5 as well (and I want to say with an increased episode count all around).

I would like to know the ending. Does anyone know if Jimmy Kudo actually turn back to his teenage self? What happen when Rachel find out?
There is no ending as of yet, either for the manga or anime, and as long as Detective Conan is in the anime top 10 every week and the manga artist enjoys working on it, there's no reason for it to stop.

SHINICHI (who the fuck is Jimmy?) does occasionally get big again through various means, including getting drunk while on cold medicine and taking some experimental drugs, but it's always for a short period of time. Ran (who's rachel?) has worked out Conan's identity a few times, but Conan always sets up some kind of ploy to convince Ran that they're not the same (such as having Professor Agase call Ran using the voice changing bowtie).
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