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Originally Posted by Cosmic Eagle View Post
Asspull? About what? Everything has been foreshadowed miles before
Random nonsensical gibberish halfway through the show isn't really miles before but that's besides the point because no amount of foreshadowing is enough to explain a convoluted pretentious mess. Retrospect might reveal "hints" or whatever but when the entire show is less than satisfactory in terms of narrative development, I don't know where to begin my rant.

Originally Posted by GDiddy View Post
Actually, looking back on it now, there was foreshadowing from the beginning.

Besides, I can think of worse series that vibe on asspulls and nonsense *looks at Bleach, Naruto, Fairy Tail*

I also should've added; throw in voice actors who are famous for voicing characters popular with female fans and BOOM!

I bet Ono, Namikawa and even Fukuyama must be rich from all those years of voicing ladyfan bait.
I don't care about other shows. This show sucked ass and what it presented, to me at least, is bullshit. I will give that it was pretty pretty to watch for the most part and that's more or less the only reason I managed to stay through other than mass spam from a friend who bought the hype. Oh well.

Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Haven't seen a single asspull in this anime (this is a serious rarity in anime by the way).
If you say so. If it works for you, good for you. But for me, this show has no content to offer besides unintentional comedy and some nice visuals here and there. The story it tells is bland and even if the plot can be traced, the whole thing lacks a purpose to begin with. The setting still doesn't make sense and while there're many good shows that don't bother explaining their world, those shows don't have the world's rules as integral to what's happening.

I won't bother ya all with more negativity. Have fun with the finale
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