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Originally Posted by Dengar View Post
Haven't seen a single asspull in this anime (this is a serious rarity in anime by the way).

I stand by my statement that there is no "Original Shiro". He became Shiro when he lost his memory and started living at that school for a while.

The body he's in is probably the fox's original body, but even if it isn't, I doubt "Shiro's original personality" bleeded through. I mean, if he did, wouldn't he want to go back home? Wherever home is.
i think u need rewatch the episode 12 because weissmann explained very well what happen, golum fox(gona explain now why this "nick") power is to steal others ppls body and soul, how was showed when he tried to absorb red king soul but failed, this means for what i get on this episode who when him enter in the body of a person if him stay too much time inside that person her soul is permanently aborsobed by him (his multiple personality in the end and kukuri soul "still alive" because he just possessed her, her soul still have time and chance to not being consumed by him), turning in a another ego who he control and can talk(golum), then if u pay attention weissman told who the colorless king was jumping body from body and already discarded his original body a long time, then he ttake "original" shiro body and perhaps already has consumed his soul completely, that is already a part of it (this is the reaction of the body to be empty when Weissmann soul entered the body).

Originally Posted by Forsaken_Infinity View Post
Let's see.

This whole kings business was never really explained for instance. The most we got was a flashback that didn't really do anything other than present two hitherto irrelevant characters and some sort of a back story that didn't actually do anything in terms of providing useful information. There was this German scientist who did some experiment, his sister who he was in love with died and this Japanese soldier who was visiting witnessed the bombing of Dresden. Apparently the German guy essentially gave his life up while the Japanese soldier somehow ended up being the highest authority in Japan.

Meanwhile we have a random aggressive punk become a king in the duration of another flashback where some kid chases him around trying to be his squire. He somehow cares for his men because lo and behold he suddenly has a loli by his side.

Oh and there's this enforcer type of guy who is apparently long time friends/rivals/whatever with the red guy and he's apparently a king too or whatever.

And there's this guy who can steal people's bodies etc. and he's the antagonist or sort of or whatever.

Bla bla. If it works for you, good for you. As far as I am concerned, this is bullshit and a random hodgepodge of ideas thrown into a melting pot.
the "whole king's issue for what i see is explained on the spin offs: manga/LN, this is a merchandise tactic to make u buy the others products to know more about the k universe, blame the japanase way to make gain money more important than give a good history.

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