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Speculation: her dad being very rich, one might assume Taiga has at least traveled a lot. One might also think her schooling in a private Catholic school exposed her to many foreigners.

Its been noted that native Japanese children/teens who spend time overseas often end up having to attend "foreigner" schools after returning to Japan because they no longer "fit into the social system". Its almost like the untraveled kids can smell 'foreign taint' via things like body language, speech, and attitude.

that is very true and since Catholic schools are usually very western and practice very western ideals, lets face it japan isn't really the Christian capital of the world. I can see your point on that one. And if I'm correct i believe that the Japanese generally like things native and usually have a tough time excepting foreigners? if my assumption is correct it could mean that Taiga might have a harder time fitting in than we imagined and it makes he fact that she has so many friends now all the more wondrous

i dont know i could be wrong for a ll i know.
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