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visiting the ANN forum most certainly didnt help answer any of my queries, but instead has left me with more doubts and worries than before. I noticed that the focus there was more on the issue on the effects of fansubbing, and whether its the root cause of the problem. couple that with the fact that other entertainment industries i.e. videogames ( correct me if im wrong, infact ill be glad if i was) have not been effected all that badly, does point to the fact that there is something wrong with the anime industry apart from the recession. having said that, it has been hammering out close to 200 bilion yen for the last few years, and only since 2007 ( as far as i know) have they been incurring serious losses. would that be due to the fact that the anime community which depends on fansubs has grown rapidly since then, or that the global recession started then as well? its all slightly distressing

at any rate, is there any way we can gauge the severity of the problem/what the problem is and its implications just from the article?

The very heavy doom and gloom of "there will be no more anime" is over the top. As Toua pointed out the studios that make the shows see very little of the revenue, especially the smaller ones that do not have the resources to self produce titles. This has caused a paycheck to paycheck system for several studios, add to it the number of studios competing for titles is very high which means that the Production groups can drive the market price down. How are the video game companies staying afloat, the big ones have far greater amounts of cash reserves then what the anime industry has. The little inde developers have very little overhead to compensate for, the mid-sized companies are struggling to survive.
For the American movie industry theaters are really hurting, but companies like Netflix are doing well. Why pay $30 for a family to go to a movie at a theater when for $18 you watch 18 moves a month. The companies who come up with new ideas will survive those stuck in ruts will die...unless the government keeps them afloat. Or they are like several major companies that have massive rainy day cash reserves ie Toyota.

Never go to the ANN boards if you want to learn something. The same people will hijack every single thread.
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