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Originally Posted by Pheonix03 View Post
Yukimura and Matabee:
Spoiler for NSFW:
Lookin' forward to the early broadcast. I really want to like this series.
I'm already lovin' this series just by looking at that picture!

(not to mention the awesome PVs)

Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post

They appear to be in a set designed like a traditional Japanese room, watching the first episode. In the left-hand images, judging from the on-screen titles, Namikawa apparently says it would be nice if there wasn't all that ink over the pictures....
heh.. yea, a bit less ink would definitely be better.

Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
In the right-hand images Namikawa appears to ask what a general demands in a woman. Yuuki Aoi suggests nice skin. He says, no there's something else. She suggests nice breasts. He says yes, that's very important, but there's something else: intelligence. And she looks at him as if to say: "Yeah, sure."
hahaha, Yuuki Aoi is so awesome! I couldn't agree with her more.
She knows what's important in a woman! see? this girl is intelligent.
That look she gave him in the last pic... pure WIN!
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