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Alright I have some stories to share from my high school days.


There was a girl on the cross country team who was incredibly hot, and she would always flirt with me. I don't think she ever really liked me, she just liked teasing me, which was cruel. Anyways, there was a period of a week or so where she de-pantsed me every chance she got at practice. I mean seriously, I must have flashed the team at least 5 times, and I was the freaking captain! So then one day that week I'm in the training room waiting for my turn in the ice bath when she walks in. She sees me sitting across the room, and with a cute smirk she walks up to me. Then her friend called to her from the other side of the room and she turned around and started takling to her. So she's standing with her butt about 10 inches from my face and I thought to myself "This is too perfect. Its payback time!" So I yank her shorts down and she was wearing this bright, sexy neon pink thong and I just about exploded while sitting in my chair. I trembled thinking "She's gonna hit me. She's gonna hit me. She's gonna hit me REALLLY HARD!!" but instead she casually pulled up her shorts, walked towards her friend and finished their talk, then walked back to me and in an angry fit she grasped my leg above the knee and went "Grrrr!!!", then walked away. I was like "That's it? That's my punishment? That turned me on more than anything else!"

My next story happened during a race at the city meet. The race was thru a big public park and about half a mile into the race everyone encountered something odd in the middle of the trail. Someone points out and yells "OH MY GOD! There's a fucking HUGE dildo on the side of the road!!!" Everyone burst out laughing so hard they almost couldn't keep running.

My last story also happened during a race. It was in a rural golf course in southern Arizona. About 600 meters before the finish line, a male runner stoped on the side of the course, pulled down his shorts, and took a crap right there on the track. There was no bush, no big rock, nothing. He literally took a crap for the whole world to see. Then he finished the race. During the awards ceremony my whole team was making fun of him. Some people I swear.

I have plenty of other funny personal stories, mostly from high school. So maybe I'll post some more later if you guys liked those.
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