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My Story is Simple.

I applied to a new group (as Editor) developed and created by various known people, namely a Translator, Timer/Typesetter, & Raw Provider from Animanda. The groups name is Utsukushii-Studio. Then Translator/founder when AWOL and I got bored of wating for him, so I suggested to 2 other new (one was an experienced) members of the group to join my group which i started only about 3 weeks after I joined U-S.

My groups name is Gear Fansubs. During U-S Translator/founders' absence I skilled myself in Timing, Typesetting and Softsub Encoding, as well as obviously QC. I'm still a learner for Timing, a learner/average for typesetting as well. As of right now my editing skills have improved to average. My group had released two episodes of an anime then disbanded because we merged (all 5 official members of Gear) with a veteran group named ray=out.

ray=out now has its original 4 members that started the group as well as all members from Gear including me. We merged because one of the members that was in mine who was one of 4 original ray=out members suggested it would be better for us, and our group would be much bigger. And so after the merge I became ray=out's leader & semi-founder/reviver. The postions I account for in fansubbing for them is mainly leading, editing, quality control, a few typesetting and encoding. I also have a very large role deciding and choosing what anime we do, infact I actually choose them. ray=out's original leader/translator is a very nice and easy going person, not many groups have a translator who doesn't make as much decision as the leader for animes.

As of right now there are 11 members (includes 1 bt seeder) for ray=out, 1 member (who was a translator) quit, due to his inexperience. So 10 members but still growing. Recently, on the verge of hiring an experienced Timer, various people esp. for QC and Editing. Lastly, the funny thing is all this has happened in only 3 months.
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