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Well I was new and started out in a new group with a bunch of noobs. I'm still in the group and the group (founded in Feb 2006) even thought only 3 people of the original group remains.

Well I had no skills what so ever when I joined Megami-Anime. I went in as a timer... but have never timed a show to this day. I found my calling after talking to an Anime-4ever encoder that went to my school. He taught me the ropes of Yatta. And then I just picked the minds of other encoders and typesetters. I hung out in forums. Listen read almost every word in this forum. I am mostly self taught. I evolved as I went along. Then I accquired the skills of Management by looking at how other succesful groups did it. Groups that release fast and slow. How to interact with problem staff. How to move a project along without annoying people.

Well more than 1 year later. I went from doing just typesetting to. Typesetting, Encdoing, Managment, QC, Editing, Distro, Website Mangament, Karaoke timming and Effects, After Effects. This only happend due to the relative newness of all the staff members. It forced me to learn all aspects of fansubbing. So I can fill in for anyone.
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