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Key and KeoAni come through...

After spending considerable time in the CLANNAD threads it became increasingly frustrating having to avoid the Kanon spoilers that frequently appeared, so I made it a priority to watch the series.

Overall great title. The added fantasy aspect gave it a unique flavor and made for some extremely dramatic moments. A few minor issues became apparent as I moved through the series, but nothing that spoiled my viewing experience. For example, it was slightly frustrating watching the girls get heavily involved with Yuichi only to seemingly (and sometimes literally) disappear as if they never existed. It's an understandable issue considering the limited amount of time to fit so much relationship development into however.

I really liked Nayuki...her VA work was adorable, and her character design fit perfectly. Unfortunately she didn't get much time with Yuichi, but it worked out well in the end.

Also, the music was great. I don't listen through the openings regularly, but I did with Kanon.
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