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I don't like Kanon to be compared to Clannad. Each show is different.

Kanon had a big plot, each girl developed very, very good. Though they didn't put teh kiss ;_;. Anyways, I liked Makoto's arc so much, funny but used to many episodes on it, because of that they "rushed" Mai's and Sayuri's arc, though they introduced them very very soon in the series and had some unpayable moments xD. And no pantsu in the Mai, Sayuri and Nayuki trip ><.

I was so scared of watching ep23-24, because it could make me cry. It made me cry, but that's what made me give it a 9/10, not every anime makes me cry, not being prideful, I mean, it had some "powerful" plot made me cry of how beautiful it was, the ending.

Well, Kanon ftw Have to watch the Toei series~
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