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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
It's entirely a matter of context. We pretty much all do this to a degree; the main difference is that Sheryl's contrasts are greater because of her public image.
So much for that "all natural" appeal.

That was Sheryl playing up to her public image and putting up a brave front. Later that episode, we find out that she was nowhere nearly as confident as she let on. She seems to feel much better over the matter after the SMS returned successfully from their battle.
So spouting useless rehtorical nonsense while accusing the people you're appealing to for help of being cowards for being concerned for their own lives is a "brave front"? It was a very unprofessional interview for a professional and important setting.

And of course she'd feel better. The Vajra are no where near as scary as they used to be.

Huh? Sheryl has always been extremely professional whenever it comes to work. Most of this is basically a propaganda campaign to assuage the fears of Frontier's population, so what's your problem with it?
Did she or didn't she actually join the class? Is she bullshitting the public at large into believeing that she's actually going to become a pilot?
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