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Originally Posted by Sherringford View Post
Let's take a look at that argument again.

->You said that there are types of killing, like in a war, that are justified and deserve sympathy.
->You then said that "killing is killing" implying that killing is the same no matter what.

Your argument contradicts itself.
I am sorry, but you completely misunderstood what I wanted to say.

What I was saying is that killing is never justified.
Be it war, defense or joy, taking a life is taking a life, all it depends on is the reluctance or willingness to kill in general. I think many people who kill in a war would just as well kill in general, if it weren't morally and actively judged by society.
You said that, "You don't get to be treated well if you kill someone. You don't get to be remembered for the good things you did if you kill someone.".
Why would you say is the willingness to kill for the prosperity of your country any less misguided than killing for something personal like revenge or hatred?

->You said I should feel sympathy for a cold blooded murderer because there are murderers that are not cold blooded.
And how exactly do you define "cold blooded murderer"?
When is a murder really cold blooded and when do we cross the line towards desperation as an explenation for the wrong path that the culprit took?

Let's assume the culprit really was Yasu.
S/he is a confused child who grew up without any parents or knowledge of her descent. She was merely a part of the "house of Ushiromiya" a concept she felt not really like a part of. The only real friends are imaginary friends she makes up to keep her company, while the adult servants see no real need in keeping her from that.

At the age of maybe 14 or 15, she suddenly learns through the orchestration of the head-servant, Genji, that she was the rightful heir to that house she served all along. The current head of family is both her grandfather and her father and her real mother died in a freak accident, when she abandoned her in search for freedom. The woman who was supposed to adopt her and is now her employer was so disgusted by the thought of raising her, that she rather had her fall down a cliff than care for her. And the only people she considered family, Kumasawa and Genji, were keeping all that from her.

To make matters even better, the guy she is in love with suddenly vanishes without giving her any proper reason, right after he promised to take her away. And 6 years later, when she finally moved on and decided to give everything away, that guy returns and she is given a small chance to live happily ever after with him...only to learn that he seems to have forgotten her entirely.

And even though she has all that gold and is practically the head of the family she cannot really act on it, because there is no way for her to actually prove her existence as the rightful heir. The children of Kinz˘ make it pretty clear that they won't let anybody interfere with their personal way towards the inheritance...imagine their reaction towards a former servant who suddenly turned up and said she was the illegitimate child of their father and an unkown/unnamed woman, who is the daughter of the escaped daughter of an Italian general from WWII, who should have been executed in Italy and survived with the help of Kinz˘ and Dr. Nanj˘ in total secrecy until she died giving birth to that unnamed and unregistered daughter in a secret mansion in the woods on Rokkenjima.
It's not like there were any reliable parenthood tests back in the 80's that would have proven anything without any records concerning that mysterious mother who nobody knew and nobody except some not really talkative servants ever saw.

Don't get me wrong, if she really was the murderer in this story it would still be wrong what she did, but you cannot tell me that it's impossible to understand why she would have done it...and it's not like she is the only one who suffered.
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